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Website Creations

We design websites to be a great foundation; able to grow and expand with your business.

We work with you in making the most out of your online presence, creating beautiful and functional user interfaces that focus on your content and reflect your business' brand - from desktop computers to mobile devices.

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Skyla Websites Come Equipped With:

Google Analytics

Keeps track, in real-time, of how many users go to your site, where they came from, what they're using to see your site and how long they stay on each page. Google Analytics provides important data that can be used to improve your web content and how your website is used. Get insights and data that you can act on with this great service.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a complex aspect of the web and can often be overwhelming to the average person. SEO is implemented at the core of your website, across many facets, so it gets the best results when crawled by search engines. Although no one can guarantee a #1 ranking, we stay on top of leading industry best practices to assure all Skyla website creations come equipped to achieve great search results in your field. See How Search Work, by Google, to learn more.

Web Security

We employ advanced security services available to protect your websites from intrusion and hacker attacks, and stays protected through SQL, XSS and LFI Filter and automated scripts triggered in real-time to block malware or intrusion exploits.

Social Media Page Creation

Social media has revolutionized the business world, it has never been easier to reach out to the broadest audience - anyone around the planet. Social media offers several key business opportunities and has something for everyone, no matter your industry. We understand the incredible power social media has therefore we create, with all websites, a Facebook & Google+ pages to get you started. *if non existing

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What is a Responsive Design?

A responsive design caters to the constantly changing platforms used to access the internet by optimizing the viewing experience (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones). It has the underlying functionality to automatically re-flow and adjust the visual elements according to the user’s screen size by using: fluid layouts, flexible grids and images, intelligent use of CSS media queries and more.

Some of the more complex websites may required a separate mobile version for an optimal experience, we will help you determine what would be the best solution for you.

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Our Website Creation Process


Discovery Meeting

The first phase of our process involves getting to know your business; what makes you stand out from your competitors, who is your target audience and what are your expectations. Defining your online goals and how we can help achieve them.


Content Development

This phase concentrates on content development. Good content is a key aspect to the success of a website; we will help you find an experienced professional copywriter & photographer who can deliver your message to best promote your products and services for your goals and industry. In some cases clients prefer to take on this challenge themselves, if this peaked your interest here are some tips on website copywriting.


Build & Design

In this phase the website takes form. The database structure is developed and the content plugged in, then comes in the template design and graphic elements creation.


Prevue and Launch

In this last phase, your brand new website is almost ready for launch. Once we have everything up and running smoothly, you’ll have access to a live preview to truly experience the navigation and interaction of the site’s user interface.
When you are fully satisfied with the final result; we equip the website to be ready for public exposure and the launch is coordinated with you to make sure your new online identity is revealed at the perfect time.

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How Much Will it Cost?

Every business is unique! The same can be said for websites; we will tailor a quote to fulfill your online goals and meet your budget. Below are some price ranges to give you an idea of the value of our services:

Taking Your First Steps

A one-page website solution to start off your online presence. Promote your services/products & message and share your contact details to be noticed & reached. A branded look with a simple & responsive design.

Starter Webpage Solution
For as low as $500

Contact us for more info.

The Everyday Crackerjack

A well-rounded informative website, branded to your image with pages developed & created to showcase your content surrounded by a uniquely tailored responsive design.

Standard Website Solution
Avg. $1500 to $5000

When You Need More

A tailored website created to your specific needs. Looking to share news and events, or post blogs, take advantage of how complex & practical online forms can be, or to simply do more. Maybe you would like a hands off approach, where we manage the many aspects of the project (e.g. copywriting, photos, etc.) or are interested in more complex functionality (e.g. e-commerce, training platform, etc.) we can help, contact us today!

Specialty Website Solution
Avg. $5000+

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